Welcome to our website.
On behalf of the Cambodian Association of Nephrology, it is my great pleasure to open our website and welcome you to our activities.
I’d like to begin by giving a brief introduction to CAN and describe what it is that we do here. Cambodian Association of Nephrology, being legally permitted by Ministry of Interior of Cambodia in April 2016, is created by our Cambodian nephrologists with a strong support of Professor TORO HYODO. The main task of our association is to promote health and welfare of our people in any condition. As you can see the number of cases of kidney diseases is increasing non-stop worldwide as well as in Cambodia, they become a burden to the family and the society. To solve this problem, our members of CAN are trying very hard to publicize to our people about the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases. CAN also trains doctors and medical officers to be able to understand and treat kidney diseases efficiently.
I am very glad that you are interested in our activities and we hope you will join our activities.

We will our best to accomplish our mission.

Thank you.

Prof. Lim Vadhana
President of the Cambodian Association of Nephrology