Article-1 Purpose of Cambodian Association of Nephrology

- Seeking measures to resist the widespread of non-infectious diseases including nephrosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other general chronic diseases;
- Cutting down on the rate of death of patients caused by various non-infectious diseases;
- Promoting the quality of public health service according to direction of Ministry of Health and in line with strategies of the Royal Government of Cambodia;
- Cambodian Association of Nephrology will use the local potential of the country including human factor and various resources factors to help on the researches and seeking methods to coordinate the treatment according to techniques and principles of the Association.


ARTICLE-2 Naming

This Association has name in Khmer as

with an abbreviation as

and name in English, “Cambodian Association of Nephrology” with the abbreviations of “C.A.N”.

ARTICLE- 3 Headquarter

Cambodian Association of Nephrology has central headquarter in Phnom Penh. The Association may have branch headquarter in provinces across the Kingdom of Cambodia as necessarily required by the Association. This central headquarter can be moved, as needed, according to decision of 2/3 votes of Executive Committee.

ARTICLE-4 Identity

Cambodian Association of Nephrology is neutral, non-profit, non-racist, non-religious, no bias of political tendencies, non-politic, not tool of any political parties which does not provide materials, funding, human resources to support any political party or candidate or any supporter, is an Association serving for public interests and health field only.

ARTICLE 5- Logo and Seal

- Cambodian Association of Nephrology has a logo as below:

- the seal of Cambodian Association of Nephrology is shaped into two roundabouts, which the top part of the first round has name of Association in Khmer, the bottom part has name of Association in English and shaped as logo of the Association, with size of 34 mm and use with blue stamp pad.


ARTICLE 6- Membership

Citizens aged 18 years or above are eligible to apply for membership of the Association. Every members of the Association shall respect and implement according to various laws, legal instruments of the Kingdom of Cambodia including the Statute, Internal Regulations and every decisions of the Association.

Article 7- Membership of Association

The member of Cambodian Association of Nephrology composes of:

1. Founding members are the initiators of the creation of the Association;
2. Honorary members are those who contribute ideas to assist the establishment and operation of the Association without thinking of personal interests;
3. Active members are the participants in the implementation of activities of Association, including discussions to provide experiences on all works and other requests of the Association;
4. Supporting members are those who provide financial resources, such as materials, budgets, and spirit of supporting the Association to operate in accordance with its purpose.

Article 8- Recruitment

Cambodian Association of Nephrology may recruit staffs to work for the Association as needed, which shall be carried out through the exams or tests, and shall sign a labor contract by complying with the Labor Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Article 9- Roles and Responsibilities of Members and Staffs

All members and staffs of the Association shall fulfill their works in accordance with their roles and duties as specified in the Statute, Internal Regulations and decisions of the Association.

All members and staffs of the Association are not allowed to take the name of the Association to serve the individual interests or serve interests of any political parties.

Article 10- Loss of Membership and Being Staff

The loss of membership and being staff of the Association is determined in the below conditions:

- Dead;
- Termination of contract;
- Submitting a written resignation letter directly to the Executive Committee within 15 days before resigning;
- Having been terminated by a decision of the Executive Committee according to the 2/3 (Two Thirds) votes of the Executive Committee members after receiving corrections/ advising for 2 times from the president of the Association and still be repetitive with non-respect for the Statute, Internal Regulations and decisions of the Association;
- Being guilty of misdemeanor or any criminal offenses, which has final judgment from the Court of the Kingdom of Cambodia; and
- Having mental disorder or mental illness with a certifying letter issued by any legal hospital in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Article 11- Layoffs and Selections

In case of any layoffs of staffs and members, Executive Committee shall hold the meeting to select a new person to replace.